Our hidden enemy

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                                                      "part one"

You must have heard that many countries spent a lot of money to build a large army, way?

They want to be ready and prepared to fight enemy attacks, and protect themselves, that is why they send scouts and spies to find out everything about their enemy, so that they can know who their enemy is and how the enemy works or plans to attack it.

 You  will call a country very foolish if it keeps sleeping and knows nothing about its enemy. We too have an enemy but we never think much of him. He is Satan, our greatest enemy.

We would be very foolish to ignore this enemy. We must know everything about him and all his tricks.

Satan is a Jinn. Like other Jinn’s, he is made of fire. The jinns  also have good and bad. Muslim and Kafir Jinns among them. They live on this earth but cannot see them. Sometimes, some people do feel them

They can move at a great speed and can cross distances in minutes. the good Jinns never harm people…


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