Our Latest Film Projects... Coming along nicely!

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My last project is still in the edit- (Having gone to london and failing to bring the harddrive... its been difficult to finish!) But I'm going get get right back on it as soon as i'm back to Mancy!

Our 'Vivid Lounge' Project has hit a little pebble... having to get permission for the song we really want to use, and waiting for American Publishing companies and record labels to respond to our enquiries is slightly tiresome, but as soon as we get the all clear, or even the no go, we can well and truly finish it off!

In the meantime, we have been thinking about our next project, which we want to be a little project for ourselves, to advertise us.

Its Amy's idea this time, and a really simple, probably 30second film. Quite Amy Esk: Humerous, yet gritty. And its a producers dream, 1 character, 1 location, 1 shot... HEAVEN!

So I can't wait to get started.

I'm not gonna lie, juggling our own projects, with trying to earn money and get our own work at the same time is pretty tough going. There have been ups, downs, lefts, rights, diagonals and every type of direction on route... and there will be plenty more, guaranteed, but we're pushing on through and managing to keep our head above water for the time being. :) Manchester has been kind to us, so lets hope it carries on!

We have had to step back and re-analyse many a time now... I think this is the only way to make sure we do things right, but we know what our dream is, and know we have to pursue it. So thats what we are going to do! When the going gets tough.... we get filming. :)

My fave piece of inspiration at the mo... helping us through it all!:

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