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Look closely at the map of Pakistan. The borders of Pakistan meet with Afghanistan, ChinaIran and India. These countries are neighbours of Pakistan. Let's read a little more about these countries.



Location: To the west of Pakistan                                          Capital:   Kabul

Population: 31,108,077 (Estimated)                                       Religion: Islam

Afghanistan is a Muslim state. It is a landlocked country. That means, it is surrounded by land. The historic land of Afghanistan has been a focal point of trade. the people of Afghanistan are famous for their bravery and devotion to Islam.

 People's Republic of China:

Location: To the northeast of Pakistan                                Capital:  Beijing

Population: 1,344,130,000 (Estimated)                                 Religion: A communist regime with no religion

China is the most populous country of the world. The Chinese are very hardworking and efficient people. They have developed their economy in a very short time. It is the most friendly neighbour of Pakistan. the Karakoram Highway connects China to Pakistan.

 Islamic Republic of Iran

Location: To the west of Pakistan                                        Capital: Tehran

Population: 77,176,930 (Estimated)                                       Religion: Islam

Iran is a Muslim state its old name was Persia. It is also known as the country of deserts and plateaus. Iran is rich in petroleum. It is famous for its art, craft, poetry and literature.

Republic of India

Location: To the east of Pakistan                                            Capital: New Delhi

Population: 1,210,193,422 (Estimated)                                     Religion: A secular state

People from many races and nations live in India. They have their own regional customs. Majority of Indians are Hindus, but Muslims also live there in a large number.

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