Our Second Donation Portal is Up and Running

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Our Starting Location

If you would like to Learn More about this project You can ask us questions right here on Film Annex! At least Until the remaining pieces of our website are completed.

We're feeling pretty good about the work that we've completed so far. Considering that none of us have any experience in any of the required fields that would  produce a phenomenal film or website. There have been a couple of minor setback with our web design, merchant acceptance being the main issue. They seem to just not like our money...

Other then that everything is great. Our next goal is to raise  $50.00 USD to help reach our project's desirables. Every cent helps! So if you can lend a penny... LEND A PENNY! Heh. Of course we aren't demanding it.

Thanks for stopping by again. Be sure to subscribe/register for quicker news and updates!

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