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So it’s been a while since my last blog about my next up and coming film… Mainly because I’ve been changing my idea daily and wanted to lock down what I was making before sharing any more information with you guys!

So a new avenue has opened for me recently. Director, Chris Watson-Wood, and myself have been in talks about collaborating as a director’s duo, to work on commercials in the future.  

Both myself and Chris were signed to the same commercial production company last year ‘Buddy London’ where we had the chance to collaborate on a few projects and found we worked well together. Sadly after buddy closed down we didn’t pursue this any further.

However, after meeting up with one another recently, we started speaking about our duo again and thought it was the perfect time to give it a shot!

Having this new exciting venture to pursue, we needed to first think about was how we would sell ourselves in the commercial world as a duo. Both having shorts and commercials of our own was not good enough. We needed to create a few films that would show our skills as a pair.

After talking over things and discussing what would sell us best, we mentioned some ideas we had had in the pipeline- one of Chris’s and one of my own. We decided that the two projects would be perfect to collaborate on and help each other with, and would sell us great as a duo.

Chris’s script was a test commercial for Lynx, which he’d been working on over the past few months and was looking great! As for me, it now gave me a reason to pursue my short film idea about a couple’s time spent together in a bedroom, which is now called ‘Our Time As One’, which I previously spoke about in the blog below.


‘Our Time As One’, I thought was a great project to do, as it felt I had a purpose to make it now. This film could be seen as a short film for festivals, a music video and even commercial aspects, which would look great on our reel.

So last time I spoke about this project I was lacking a location to shoot it in; Finding a room that would allow me the height to look down on the room was hard to find, which again a previous blog explains.


Since this blog, my producer, Sorcha Anglim and myself have been on a mission to find a space that would allow us to build a set of our own, giving us the height and the control it needed to work.

But finding a space that would allow us the time to build the set and shoot it was hard to find on very little money… But by the time we ran out of options it was coming to the end of May and we realised that in the next few weeks Staffordshire University students would be finished for the summer, meaning there would be a nice big studio free! Organising a visit and chatting to the staff in the Media Centre, we managed to arrange access to the studio in the middle of July for two weeks! Which was perfect for us, and gave us a deadline to work towards.

Having this location has now given us the foundations we need to start pulling this film together.

Now this film is in motion I’ll be keeping regular updates on this project ‘ Our Time As One’


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