Our Two Narratives

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Narratives shaped by personal experience, and narratives shaped by cinematic experience. The personal experiences are those that we project onto the cinema, the cinematic are those projected (literally) back on to us. It is in this narrative reverberation that we develop societal identity, and it is this identity that makes micro-tragedy possible. 

A micro-tragic structure is comprised of inconsequential moments that are not necessarily tragic in and of themselves, but rather allude to a much larger, unseen tragedy. This “implied tragedy” is suggested as much by what is presented to the viewer as it is by the narratives that already exist within the collective unconscious of the audience as a whole.  

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Daniel Watkins is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida whose work often deals with the limitations of cinematic grammar as a form of expression; both inside and outside the context of narrative discourse. His work both as a director as well as in the field of cinematography…

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