Our Water Is Polluting

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In the world with pollution detonation and quick ratio of industrial development, age-old clamour for clean water is rising more critical.

In Calcutta most of the people use dirty water from the Hooghly River.

In Pakistan 90% people drink dirty water and most of the diseases are because of water.

Water pollution damage aquatic ecosystem because the waste material present in water. The rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, seas and oceans are affected by water pollution with different kinds of materials like solid and liquid wastes. As the pollution increases its more difficult to us to get pure drinking water. It’s not only about drinking water it’s also about fresh water for our farms and plants.

The major cause of water pollution is sewage, industrial waste, the spilling of crude oil.



1-sewage waste:

A common sewage consists of waste from toilets; kitchens etc. are usually released in streams and rivers. In poor countries of the world a man depends on the river, streams and wells for drinking water but most of these sources are polluted. This cause diseases like typhoid etc.

2- Industrial waste:

The greatest involvements to water pollution are the number of industrial waste. These wastes are produce from textile, chemical, petrol, paper, and pulp industry as well as from tanneries etc. tannery wastes prove great threat not only from people around them but at the same time the flow of the liquid waste to river cause great threat to marine life.

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