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After ramadan the refreshing comes in every muslim's life that is of course a type of Gift and the blessings in shape of Eid and every body seems happy at that day and celebrate it accordingly.But at the first day nothings seems special inspite of that to meet the relatives around you and the and the all the closest friends around you to meet and saying happy Eid and best wishes.

Eid-ul-Fitar just comes after the Ramdan which is also known as The Sweet EID because everybody in their homes use to cook vermicelli mostly and many recipes like that.

Most of them made vermicelli pudding,Pheni and Milky vermicelli.As the first day of mine was busy meeting here and there and meeting friends,but the send day of Eid me,my brother father and one of uncle and uncle living in my neighbourhood decided to go out somewhere for recreation.As decided we left at 10'o clock morning on the second day.we have taken some potatoes with us with some corn flower and make chips over there because the weather was fine as well and the meat market was closed so we limited our range in respect of cooking.we cooked all together and having fun and enjoyed  a lot everybody seems happy at that particular day.We cooked chips of 10 kilos of potatoes at the day we were almost 7 on the other hand to eat.Of there were some kids of my uncle there to make contribution.Then after cooking and eating all the stuff i tried to walk down town to come over it because i was feeling something full and as i came down near to the canal i decided to take some pictures why not to share with you.

This is the field of corn on the background that looks so beautiful and this is the speciality of this place that every thing is near by to the water so that the water can easily be sprinkled to the field to maximize the production and the soil is also very special its a gift from the nature.

To my right there is a canal that leads to the dam it is almost 50 feets above the dam but the water flow is very exceedingly well when the spell doors are opened.Here is the picture of that canal.

The an other speciality of the canal's water is if you have to wash your clothes in it no need of detergent is added in the water to clean up the clothes this is some kind of soil which not white but the red which washes the clothes and on every weekend the village women came and wash their clothes.

You can even take bath into it its like a medicine for those who are indulged in a Iching and Scratch problem its a gift and blessings of God.In late 80's My father says that the water of the canal was used to drink and he says that my mother you to pick a picture and came over here from the village to take water from and go pedestrien and we use to drink that water at times but now the water is salty and its affects on the body and specially on your stomach and the kidnies.and there is no safety of the water and every animal is alos drinks water from the canal so its very dangerous in this regard but its a purely antiseptic but allergic when used for drink.

Walking on the side place right at the bank of the canal looking awesome and sun was also behind the clouds,breeze was blowing and its like heaven and it heaven actually because you are free from the busy life of city and take a chance to visit a place such like is simply great the night remains cold here in this place even though the summer is going on but this place is full of trees and the one small dam.

This is the samll pond in the backdraft that looks clear,this is all the water of the canal to cutt-off the water from the canal to fields this pond is made.and on the other side of it there are trees and the plants that enhances the beauty.

There are two little frogs playing in the water and enjoying there time i captured that scene in the video camera looking good by time.Here are some more pictures of it.

This is the main hole of the pond to project the water in and then in to the fields from the pond.There is not such a special way to block the water other then to close the main hole or to put some stones on the mouth of the main hole or to divert it somewhere else other wise the flow is too hard to handle for a one person or two.The water is so clod so that you can not sand in it for more then 2 to 3 minutes.

Moving on to the canal bank further i have taken some pictures and the video to elaborate it more.

 This is the place specially built to cover the canal face and the around the canal with heavy stones and the cement so in case of water can not come out to trouble.this is specially build.but its save and sound its has been built in 1982.

Now we are standing almost 20 feet above then canal and amazing sight to look around you some of the pictures taken are Here and the video as well.


By coming down there two buffalos and some calfves with them watching me they stopped and the shaperd came across and said no worries they not going to hurt you.

 i saw a scene while taking some pictures sitting down it was looking perfect and the clouds were moving breeze is blowing and can't ask for more that was moment of heaven specially in summers.

i came down after and moved further there was way going upwards but it was so steapy and more sandy then the soil or mud but i came up to see the better view as i taken some more pictures of that sight looking awesome and the sun was also comming down to set in the west.

Many of the people came out to visit such a place and some of them coming back from the dam and as the rain overnight and the motorcycle was not easy not handle so i make a video some of the guys down and you can easily understand that how far up i was and the way was much steeper not easy to climb up as well to move down.

I spend a lot of time in that place and my called me that its evening time not a good time to be in the place like this because its dangerous so better come down and move back home.So i ended the stay and came down not moved further.

                                                    Better luck next time,
I enjoyed my visit to this place and the enjoy the time in cooking and eating the potato chips.

At 7'o clock I reached back home and this is the happiest moment of my life which I will not be able to forget.

                                                   Thank you! 




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