Over the long run [bitcoin] can be very disruptive to consumer finance

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Founder and board chairman of the leading online video hosting and player solution Brightcove. co-founder of the Allaire Corporation (which was acquired by Macromedia in 1999). Jeremy Allaire may be the biggest name in technology and innovation the bitcoin eco-system has welcomed. I met with Jeremy to discuss his new venture, Circle, which raised $9 Million Series A funding. Circle’s main aim is to drive mainstream adoption of digital currency by delivering easy-to-use payment services for businesses and consumers. We discussed topics such as: his first introduction to bitcoin; what does bitcoin mean to him and why he decided to start Circle; what Circle will be mostly focused on; whether he thinks that bitcoin will stay the dominant player in the cryptocurrencies world; whether bitcoin has the potential to disrupt retail banking; bitcoin as zero trust, programmable money; what he sees as possible dangers to the eco-system; and how difficult it is to register a bitcoin business with FINCEN.
Jeremy was an extremely pleasant interviewee and it felt as if the major startups he has founded did not let his feet off the ground. I wish him all the best with Circle. Follow @Circle

Video Presentation By Jeremy While In London


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