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The term "overpopulation"has a complete meaning.The term overpopulation cannot be considered a standard.It depends on life style growth,living standard,culture and economy e.t.c.

Oftenly people ask about this term.Overpopulation is a relative term not an absolute term.A man can define overpopulation as when there are more people than can live on earth in comfort,happiness and health and still leave the world a fit place for future generation.

This definition has many logical points of each component e.g housing.A person can think many question about housing i.e what are basic necessities of survivals ,what kind of house does it mean,similarly food.One may consider meat as an important component of food,while some others which are vegetarians ,consider vegetables necessary.Similarly many points about health,food, happiness and other components of this definition will become issue for a thinker.

Sometimes people measure overpopulation by overcrowding.For example areas like Mexico are considered over populated due to dense population and deficiency of health,housing,happiness e.t.c.On the other hand a wealthy country like japan considered overpopulated because it has no deficiency.So overpopulation has no standard definition.

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