Ozone and Layers

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Ozone may be a quite chemical element during which every molecule has 3 atoms rather than 2. The formula is O3 . gas is usually created once electricity passes through the air. that's why there's typically associate degree unpleasant smell when a electric storm or around electrical instrumentation .

Ozone may be a blue gas that's explosive and toxic .It is denser than chemical element and condenses into a navy blue liquid at - 112° C. This liquid freezes at – 251° C.

Ozone is employed in several industries. Factories use it for chemical reactions as a result of it reacts a lot of simply than chemical element will. gas conjointly kills germs , that makes it helpful for removing unhealthy smells and sterilizing water. gas is additionally accustomed bleach color out of alternative substances .

Ozone happens in our atmosphere in 2 forms. close to the bottom even tiny amounts of gas will cause health issues. It irritates your eyes and might cause coughing and respiratory disease . gas is particularly dangerous on clear days once waste or cars bemire the air. Older individuals and babies area unit typically told to remain inside as a result of gas could weaken your system .

About thirty -50 kilometer on top of the Earth’s surface there's a layer of gas within the atmosphere that protects United States of America. It absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. If an excessive amount of of this radiation reaches the world it's going to injure your eyes and cause carcinoma and alternative diseases .

In the Seventies scientists distinguished that chemicals discharged into the atmosphere are destroying this ozonosphere . the primary hole within the ozonosphere was found over Antarctic continent. within the last twenty years this hole has been obtaining larger and currently lies over some elements of Australia, New Seeland and also the hemisphere additionally.

The hole within the ozonosphere is caused by CFCs , chemicals typically employed in spray cans and refrigerators . They escape into the atmosphere and split the gas molecules


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