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Ozone layer is the combination of different gasses.It is located around the earth to protect the earth from the dangerous rays of sun.Ozone layer have a great importance for our world but the people have no knowledge about this.

Their are many factors that effect the ozone layer.

  1. Pollution
  2. Smoke of factories
  3. population
  4. Lacks of trees
  5. Smoke of automobiles
  6. spray of different chemical used in agriculture

All these factors are greatly effected to ozone layer.The population of cities are increasing day by day.Due to increasing of population the number of automobiles are increasing rapidly which is a cause of pollution.Their are many factories that release the dangerous smoke and chemical in the air and also use of different type of chemical that spray in the fields  for the  more production.

All the things are not only polluted our environment but also damage the ozone layer.Due to cutting a large amount of trees the deficiency of forests occur.By which the rate of dangerous gasses will be increasing day by day because trees absorb the gasses and release oxygen which is necessary for our breathing.

The dangerous gasses are creating many large wholes in the ozone layer which is the case of diseases like Skin cancer.

We should protect the ozone layer by control on pollution because ozone layer is very important for our world.

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