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What is Philippine Achieve Community V.2.0?

Philippine Achieve Community V.2.0 is New group to help our original PAC Program to move. Since it is NEW, there will be BRAND NEW Boards viz., Level A to Level E. At the time of launch, ALL the members will have equal opportunity to buy the very first position. So it will be an ALL NEW LAUNCH of these new Levels A to E

Are lines in New Levels in PAC V.2.0 CLEAR?

Yes. All lines in Philippine Achieve Community V.2.0 are Fresh and have Zero Positions. So all those who buy in new levels will start as fresh.

How is Philippine Achieve Community V.2.0 different from others?

There are many New Features which makes us Very Different from others:

:: Our Level A is of 2x1 and its the FASTEST Board in this industry and 50% of all positions entering in Level A are sure to cycle it as it requires only 2 to cycle 1. Further, with the help of Accelerator Pool/ Accelerator Position this ratio is bound to go up only and thus creating insane cycling which is THE CODE never really cracked before.

:: In the matrix programs, people join towards the end have very less chance of cycling. We have found a solution to this as well in terms of our Matrix Flipper which gives earnings to even those who join late in reverse order.

:: There was a flaw in the concept of earnings going in PAC V.2 Funds as it resulted in the early joiners benefiting most. To correct the same, we are introducing unique Accelerator Pool. This pool will be used to cycle members' positions in level A. The best thing is that these Accelerator positions cycle other positions but do not need to get cycled.

What is Accelerator Pool and what are Accelerator Positions?

A pool of funds has been created called Accelerator Pool. This pool will be used to cycle the Positions from time to time to ensure that cycling does not slow down as long as there are funds in this pool. These funds will be used to speed up the cycling and therefore the longevity of the System and cycling will not have to depend solely on new purchases. The best part about the positions being inserted in the system to speed up cycling is that these positions do not create any liability on the system for getting cycled.

In other words, whenever the Accelerator pool is used, new positions (called Accelerator Positions) will be added in Level A to speed up cycling and when their turn of cycling comes, the system will simply skip them and cycle the next available position belonging to a member. Therefore, these Accelerator positions are first of its kind which speed up the system but does not create any liability on it.

From where does the money come in the Accelerator Pool?

- On All New Levels cycling

What is Matrix Rotator / Matrix Flipper / Reverse Matrix?

Philippine Achieve Community V.2.0 is Powered by The UNIQUE "Matrix Rotator" (also called Matrix Flipper / Reverse Matrix) to Ensure That Even The Last Person In Has A Smile On His Face !! We have allocated a percentage in the Accelerator Pool to the Matrix Rotator which will be used from time to time to reward those who particularly join in the end. The PAC Matrix Flipper which has been designed specifically to ensure success of those who join in the end. Never Get Stuck At The Bottom Again. Join Today And You Could Be At The Top Tomorrow!!

In short, a reverse matrix (could be in the reverse order of position purchased or otherwise) will provide additional income to all in reverse order from time to time. For example, we have say 5000 Position in the system and it is decided to put the reverse matrix in force. Then the person holding Position no. 5000 will be on top of the matrix, and the payouts will be made accordingly. So even the last person In would have a great opportunity in his hands.

What is Philippine Achieve Community?

Philippine Achieve Community is a training resource center, Learning center, have friends, create your team. Have Fun and earn.
Most Importantly We are Community.

Is Philippine Achieve Community an investment plan?

No! We are not an investment company, HYIP or Ponzi scheme. Earnings are just a bonus to our valued members and if someone has misguided you then please do not go ahead with any purchase.

What is the maximum Subscriptions a member is allowed to purchase?

A Member can buy maximum 5 Position Per Day.

When will my positions cycle?

They cannot cycle just after you purchase them. They need some time that depends on how many positions are coming into the system. Please also not that cycling is not guaranteed and members' positions cycle based on the PayPlan posted on this group.

Is payment for Position is really one time?

Absolutely! Payment for Position is Php 300 and it is a one time payment. If you want to go for more subs then you will have to make payment of Php 300 for each Position.

Am I required to refer others philippine achieve community to be able to earn?

You do not need to refer others to earn.

Can anybody join from any country?

Yes anyone 18 years or older from any country can join. Members are supposed to comply with their own local laws.

Do I have to click ads or surf ads to earn?

No! Philippine Achieve Community is 100% Passive. No Recruiting / Experience / Surfing / Daily Tasks required to earn. Its Simple, Easy & Fun!

We have a very strict NO SPAM policy. If you cannot prove that you are innocent, your account will be deleted immediately and all your unpaid earnings will be forfeited and you shall cease to be a member of Philippine Achieve Community with immediate effect.

Is my personal information protected with your company?

Yes. Any personal information that you provide to us is collected solely for our use and your information will never be shared, rented, sold or provided to anyone except as required by law.

Can I get a refund if I want?

We apologize. We have a strict NO REFUNDS policy! We share the revenue earned from your purchase with other members, so we cannot afford to offer refunds. The moment the payment enters our system, it is no longer your money, and it certainly isn't our money. It belongs 100% to other members!

My question remains unanswered. How do I contact you?

In case you have a question which is not answered here or you are not fully satisfied with the response, you may contact us.