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Step2, Make Money:

How much do you get paid for each login ? The answer is 0.001$ that is exactly that the other bux/ptc sites pay per site viewed. The good here is that you have a 10 level program in which you earn the 10% on each member you referred, you need just 4 referrals to make the amount shown as displayed by the online calculator in the homepage. It's better that you get them amongst your friends or people you know very well because you will need to be in touch with them,train them and make sure they do the same as you do. Please keep in mind that to make the amount shown by the online calculator in the front page you need to have at least 4 referrals on the first level and that they have each one 4 referrals and all this until the 10th level. Also is important that you and your referrals login daily: encourage your referrals to buy earning units as you earn the 10% on the earning units they buy on 10 levels, you should also convert your balance in earning units as they gave a daily interest while if you let them in your balance you don't get any interest. Earning units pay only the day you login. if you think that minimum to cash out is just 0.01$ on Perfect Money ( 1$ for Paypal/Payza ) then you realize that in the worst of cases you can cashout after 10 days ( 0.01$ = 0.001$x10days ), but just by buying earning units you can increase what you get paid for every login, to know more about this wonderful opportunity please click the upgrade button on the previous page. You can even increase what you get paid if you shorten your referral link with a paid shortener url like LinkBucks, note that you can use this system with every program you are promoting not just Paidtologin and you can get paid until 2$/1000 Visitors using interstitials ( note that this last option could create problems if you promote your links through manual traffic exchanges ).

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