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                                                                                                           armed forces of any country are responsible for protection of borders and the nation . armed forces fight so that their c ountry men can live in peace , society can progress , every one can live in pride .their are many countries who have never fought any war and they never faced such curcumstances of war but situation of pakistan is totally opposite to this fact since our homeland got freedom from subcontinent INDIA we faced lot of difficulties and we faced war with india several times . just after one year of independence in 1948 pakistan army faced indian army in Kashmir and ALHAMDULLILLAH we got success .

pakistan army always played positive role in UNITED NATIONS to spread peace in the world and this role of pakistan is continue .pakistan army sent his first convoy of peace in Congo in 1960 in the same decade pakistan faced a huge attack from india in 1965 our soldiers fought with with that much bravery that indian prime minister went to tashqand RASSIA  to beg for peace to stop war .

now a days pakistan is facing terrorism . on one side pakistan army is protecting pakistan from terrorist of all types foriegn and taliban terrorist and one the other side pakistan  is also performing great role in peace keeping in the world . our army soldiers are posted in those countries they are playing great role in making our name proud every one have a respected look for our army men .that is the reason that UNITE NATION celebrates 5 june of every year as pakistan peace keeping group which is proud for every PAKISTANI . this makes the green flag wave in top of skies forever . 


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saeed khan , age 20 , student .

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