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Beset with multiple external and internal challenges of diverse dimensions and serious repercussions,Pakistan,indeed ,is passing through testing times.Pervaded by national gloom,this country of about 180 million population is facing politico-social,economic and strategic hardships which terribly undermine its national security and public welfare.Broadly speaking global isolation,strained relations with United States and Indo-Afghan hostility are our worries on external front,whereas our inernal front is also plagued with severe energy crisis,crippling economy,weak governance,rising corruption,intensifying institutional clash and scepter of fundamentalism and separatism.

Timely and serious efforts are required against such odds which are pushing the nuclear armed Pakistan to the precipice of tormenting pain. To begin with the external frustrations,it is a harsh reality that Pakistan is standing almost isolated among the comity of nations .The world perceives this country as a sanctuary and safe haven of terrorists.These feelings are intensified after Osama Bin Ladin’s killing in Abbottabad (May 2011) as international media and the US official and public grew more skeptic of Pakistan.Afghan President Hamid Karzai unleashed his bitter criticism towards Pakistan alleging that Osama had been living in Pakistan with state blessings.

Apart from this the much talked affairs of Quetta Shoora of Mullah Umar,Haqani Network of Waziristan,apprehensions redarding the security and safety of nukes and state stability and ability vis-à-vis countering terrorism because the most sensitive places like GHQ fell also the victim to Taliban’s lethal cocktail.As compared to Pakistan the world attention is tilting towards India owing her rapid economic growth and huge market.Simply world opinion of Pakistan is increasingly assuming negative dimensions.We do not have strong world support because there is no friendly bloc at world level except lonely friend china,not to forget dwindling alliance with America.

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