Pakistan Christians and the Current Pakistan

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      More than 90 percent of Pakistan society follow Islam as the major concern.Very few Pakistan citizens follow Christianity(In general).But the freedom of religion is still under question.Last week,more than 100 Pakistan Christians have been killed by Islamic religious followers with suicide attack during a church ceremony.There were many young Pakistan citizens who do not think of such tragic incident.The death of these people has led to worldwide protest against the government of Pakistan.Due to external impacts,the government has ordered military solders to protect the Churches in many places.The bad thing is that a number of university students were dead so that Pakistan has lost educated and powerful young children.

          The government should do something long lasting to make peace around Pakistan.The power of Islamic attack was mainly done by Taliban and its allies.Why did the government ignore the situation?Terrorism by Taliban has changed its form to a religious platforms.The government should intervene for the protection of its citizens and shouldn't ignore the Christian minorities.They have equal right to express their belief like any other Islamic ceremony.Any person has the right to follow any religion that he or she likes and nobody can enforce him/her to change the status. Even though the majority is Islam,the society should respect the Christian minorities and should treat like a peaceful Pakistan citizen.


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