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Pakistan cricket is in the Marcy of najam sethi.

No doubt he is a good journalist; very good narrator, a good historian, and a man with sapped and were the acting prime minister of Pakistan.

How hold an injured election as imran khan said.

As far as cricket is concerned he has got a limited knowledge but he is a quick learner.

He learn a lot from when he interviewed misbha on TV whenever the doubt of people, he derricks all before him and instead of going nevertheless his attitude towards misbah is very coming, whatever the questions were arise he put all those question to line, on the other side misbah given very authoritative answer to all his question and again he become hero to all of the hastier.

Till now nujam sathi contribution towards cricket is zero.

Whatever the place he made goes to Asher.

None of his dreams come true.

Even his prediction in world 20 would not come true.

The match against West Indies was the dream which would not be fullfieded by the Pakistan team, and his ambition to take part in semi-final of t20 world cup broke into pieces.

Nujam sathi become the chairman of Bccip is also the down show of nawaz sharif.

Zaka ashraf wants encouragement from government but no inclination was made, he requested again to again to take a directive from Government but no stone was turned, and image of cricket in Pakistan was badly damaged and on the next two smears become 100% true.

Government intension as far as cricket be concerned one again in the world news and Pakistan image one again scattered.

And it is all due to service is given to the new government.

Matter of Pakistan cricket even more damaged as before.

Mr. Najam sathi again awarded the chairman ship of Bccip which is disguising.

Now just pray for Pakistani cricket team.



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