Pakistan is a peaceful country

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These days Pakistan is the country which is badly affected by the cloud of terrorism but it is only country which is consider to responsible for terrorism .why? Nobody knows the answer of this question  the people who lose everything in the war against terrorism.they face daily a new nine eleven incident but they are not able to take  such larger steps  against this like America because everyone consider them responsible for terrorism .every year   millions of people  die in bomb blasts but then the whole world keeps silence why?      


                                        So the Pakistani nation wants to make the whole world assure that come stand with us against terrorism. We want to raise a slogan against terrorism. Against the terrorism which is facing by Pakistani nation these days, terrorism which is facing by Kashmir, come stand us against the terrorism which is facing by philistines .so the Pakistani nation wants to make the whole world aware that Pakistan is not a terrorist country. People of Pakistan are very innocent .each mother of Pakistan daily loses her one son in their war against   terrorism. So the whole nation wants to make you aware that we are the people who lose everything in the war against terrorism.

                                                                                                                                           Pakistan is actually a peaceful .its people are very peaceful, loving and hardworking. They daily face a new problem. But they are such a hopeful nation that they never lose heart. Pakistan is a country which preaches peace .because they get a separate country under the motto of peace which is actually introducing by Islam. Pakistan is an Islamic country. Islam is the religion which preaches peace, love, brotherhood and respect. Pakistan is trying hard to stabilize all these aspects.

 Pakistan is a peaceful country and wants to preach it throughout the whole world.


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