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Since Pakistan came into being there have been political leaders who played an important role in building and destroying Pakistan. There have been many political parties which came into power and did nothing for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan Tehreek.e.Insaf was the party which was made by Imran Khan in 1997 for the struggle of basic rights for the people of Pakistan. All of the political governments which ruled Pakistan were not in the favor of its citizens or nationals. In 2013 general elections PMLN won through a lot of rigging, after that opposition started protests and due to that the normal life of a common man became miserable. Imran khan was and is leading the protests because everybody took side of the party which rigged elections as all of them are same and nobody wanted to expose the rigging in elections because they knew this will end their political careers. It’s been 3 months that Imran Khan is doing sit in in Islamabad and protesting for the rights of a common man, nations stands with him as nation knows that no other person is capable to run this country as Pakistan is surrounded by several problems.
In such a time when Pakistan is surrounded by many internal and external threats, PTI is standing to strive for their rights. And in their struggle, they are not granted their rights. And in such a time, when they are out on roads, they have been brutally ataccked and they are not given their rights. The government is not responding effectively and this is what is destablizing Pakistan. What happened today in faisalabad is such a brutal act, that is making Pakistan more weak. In such a situation when we have to be united we should be united to stand with our nation. This is what makes Pakistan stable.

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