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Karachi, August 7. 1947. A  shinning silver aircraft circled over the airport at Mauripur and came smoothly into land, watched by a vast, excited crowd. First to step out of the aeroplane was a tall and very dignified elderly man wearing a pure white sherwani As soon as he appeared the whole crowed roared with one voice, Pakistan Zindabad ! Pakistan Zindabad !' And every man pushed forward to welcome him, to get  as close to him as possible to see him clearly. For here was their great leader, the Quaid-e-azam, the Originator and first governer-General of their new country. Here, home with them at last, was the leader who had won Pakistan for them - Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 
                                        As he drove through the great sea of people  that stretched from the airport to the city, through all the cheers and tears of joy and the never-ceasing cries of Pakistan Zindabad !', the Quaid-e-azam gave no sign of his feelings. He rarely did so. If he felf pride or joy in what he had done, he did not let anybody see it. Through all the excitement of those first days in the life of the young nation, the man who had made it possible remained calm, serious and even severe. Perhaps he was thinking of the thousands who were being attacked and killed on the roads and railways as they tried to reach their new homelands. 

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