Pakistani cricket team balling coach!

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Mustaq ahmed is selected as a spinning coach of pakistan team.

The lanki leg spinner is most successful leg spinner of Pakistan.

He was the major wicket taker bowler as far as English country is concerned in five concretive years.

No doubt he was best keg spinner after great abdul qadir but as a sportsman he was not gentle sportsman as justice’s quyam report is concerned.

That was the reason he was not selected as a chief coach of England.

After his appointment he told the newsman that he is in search of new spinning talent in Pakistan.

He is of the opinion that he is filling the replacement of saeed ajmal, shahid afaradi, and rehman as the served the Pakistan cricket for more then 2 decay and now they are in the merge of retirement.

Mustaq prasise the young spinning talent of Pakistan but it needs to be furnished.

No matter on the other it is a good change and Pakistan will be looking after the new spinning options,

because shahid afaradi, saeed ajmal + abdul rehman loose the sharpness.

There is news that Andy flower become the batting coach of Pakistan. Andy batting average is only 29 runs per inning.

He will give a batting tip to yousis khan, whose average is more than 52 runs per inning, where as azhar ali and Mohammad shafiq enjoyed better average than Andy.

People are astonished to listen all this.

Nujam sathi was again detherain form b.c.c.p head and zaka ashraf was again reinstated as a b.c.c.p head.

Islamabad high court issues an order that zaka ashraf reinstatement letter.

It was third time that zaka ashraf become the b.c.c.p chief.

Whose know what going to happened next.


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