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The international organizations should come forward in supporting Pakistan to come out of the decline of education.The United Nations Organization needs to take effective measure in virtually enabling the less privileged class to acquire education as their basic right.This act will certainly ensure the decrease in corruption and criminal activities in our society.The corruption done by the world bank is noteworthy in this regard.Since 2004 World Bank has been supporting the education sector reforms in Pakistan though development policy credit operation in Pakistan for the poor .This promotes public financial reforms and devolution of roles to local communication,making service providers more accountable.

World Bank’s analytical support for higher education sector has been completed and a high education sector programme is under preparation.Work is also underway to support college sector reforms.These remedies may,at least enable Pakistan to decrease ‘Brain Drain ‘as many students move abroad for the sake of higher quality education from western countries.The reform programmes also include teachers ,professional development ,text book development ,assessment with a view to improve students learning and class room environment along with monitoring of the students learning through regular assessment.This is happening with a National Educational Assessment System supported by the World Bank.


The govt.of Pakistan must also take prompt action to impart technical and vocational education as it is necessary to make the education matchable with the growing advancements in the field of technology all over the world .’NAVTEC’ ( National Vocational and Technical Education Commission is a regulatory body responsible for promoting linkages among various stake holders to address challenges faced by the Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) .These include training and skill enhancing at individual level and initiating a mega campaign at public-private partnerships.NAVTEC specially focuses on disadvantaged group to economically disadvantaged region.The most exciting feature of NAVTEC is to enhance the employability of youth and supporting women to participate in labour force more actively.Today rate of women participation is only 29% which is far less than other regional countries.This rate should be essentially increased in order to raise the potential of women to come in the mainstream of life

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