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The Pakistan Flag was designed by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Historically, the Pakistan Flag has associations with the flag which was hoisted at Dhaka on December 30, 1906, when a meeting of the leaders representing the various Muslim political organizations of the South Asia subcontinent was held and the All-India Muslim League was formed. The flag used at Dhaka was green in colour with a white crescent and star in the centre. In the forty years of political struggle that followed the meeting at Dhaka, this flag was used continuously by the Muslim League. When these aspirations were fulfilled and Pakistan was established, it was felt that it would be in the fitness of things to incorporate the motif of this flag into the National Flag of Pakistan.

The Constituent Assembly of Pakistan met on the 11th of August, 1947, when Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, presented the National Flag to the Constituent Assembly for its formal approval. In the course of his speech on the occasion, Mr. Liaquat Au Khan observed: “Mr. President, the flag, it will be noticed, is not the flag of any one political party or any one community. The flag is the flag of the Pakistani nation, of the Pakistan State which has to come into existence on the 14th of August, 1947. I can say without any fear of contradiction that this flag which I have the honour to present to this House, will stand for freedom, liberty and equality for those who owe allegiance to this Flag of Pakistan. Mr. Fresident, this flag will be a flag of freedom not only for the people of Pakistan; this flag will be an emblem of peace and help in maintaining peace throughout the world.”

The National Flag of Pakistan is dark green in colour with a white vertical bar, a white crescent in the centre and a five-pointed star. The significance of the colour and symbols used in the Pakistan Flag is as follows:— The white and dark green field represents peace and prosperity. The crescent on the Flag represents progress. The five-rayed star represents light and knowledge.

The Pakistan Flag is a dark green rectangular flag in the proportion of length to width 3:2 with a white vertical bar at the mast; the green portion bearing a white crescent in the centre and a five-pointed white heraldic star.

The size of the white portion is one-fourth the size of the flag, nearest the mast, the remainder three-fourths being dark green. The dimensions of the crescent and star are obtained as follows:— Draw the diagonal from the top right-hand corner
to the bottom left-hand corner of the green portion. On this diagonal establish two points ‘A’ and ‘B’. Point ‘A’ should be equidistant from top right and bottom left-hand corners of the green portion, i.e., the centre of the green portion. Point ‘B’ should be at a distance from the top right-hand corner equal to 13/20th of the width of the flag. With point ‘A’ as the centre and a radius equal to 3/10th of the width of the flag describe an arc. With point ‘B’ as centre and a radius equal to 11/40th of the width of the flag describe a second arc. The area enclosed by the two arcs forms the crescent. The dimensions of

the five-pointed white heraldic star are determined by drawing a circle with a radius equal to 1/10th of the width of the flag. The circle surrounds the five points of the heraldic star. The star lies with one point on the diagonal and pointing to the top right-hand corner of the flag. The tip of this point lies on the diagonal at a point where the larger arc, if completed, would cut the diagonal.


NM (width of flag) is equal to 2/3rd of NZ (lengh of flag).
NX (white portion) is equal to 1/4th of NZ (length of flag)
A is the middle point of XY & KZ (diagonals).
YB is equal to 13/20th of YZ (width of flag).
AO (radius of outer arc of crescent) is equal to 3/10 of Yz.
BT (radius of inner arc) is equal to 11/40th of YZ.
CL (radius of the circle surrounding the star) is equal to 1/10 of YZ.

The table below shows the required measurements in the various standard sizes of the flag:—Size of XZ NX AO BT CL Length the Flag a Unit

21’ x 14’ 189” 63” 504” 46 2 16 8” 8 4”
18 x 12’ 162” 54” 43 2” 39 6” 144” 7 2”
10 x 6 2/3 89 3 30 7” 24 7” 22 5” 8 3” 4”
9 3/8 x 6%’ 84 5 28” 22 5” 21” 7 5” 3 7”
6’ x 4’ 54” 18” 144” 13 2” 48” 24”
3’ x 2’ 27” 9” 7 2” 6 6” 2 4” 1 2”
12” x 8” 9” 3” 2 2” 2,2” 8” 4~I
6% x 4%” 4.7” 1.6” 1.3” 1.2” .4” .2”


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