Pakistani people sincerity

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the time at which the Pakistan came into being there is lack of the sincere people in it from the start time there are little much sincere people in this country which made the Pakistan strong to stand on his feet at the begining time there were too much difficulties for the Pakistan but due to the sincere the Pakistani people hold on the country

                                                                                                                                        sincerity mean that you should prefer your country work not your own work but as the time passed people become selfish and there mean approach started there mind has been change they only collect money from the Pakistan and then settle to the foreign countries they are not sincere to there country know how is it they can sincere if they give some thing to there country then in return country put him in the prison or locked him into his house

                                                                                                                                            The doctor Abdul Qadir khan who make the Pakistan the supper power in return the Pakistani government restrict him into his house these are the thing from which a Pakistani people become dis heartet thus the many student can be go to the foreign countries because in this country sincere people only kicked not awarded


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