Pakistani woman

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Woman is the parson who is the key of the society. In old days the woman is consider like a servant of the home. She is doing every work without any problem. She is the one who knows everything about her husband about her children and about her home. She knows very well how to prepare our home presentable. But as this every man thinks that women are nothing without them. This concept is the only in Pakistan and under developed countries in Europe, France, China and many other countries the women work shoulder to shoulder with men. They get equal rights and also respected by them. This is the key of the success of their countries but know days the woman of Pakistan is also enjoy on honorable status in society.

She knows very well the duties at home. She never ignores her duties at home. She is good house keeper. She is a loving wife as well as she is ideal mother. In Pakistani women get education from not only in school but also in college and university with man. She got education and her performance is very good as that of man.  Now she is a doctor engineer lawyer even she is also in military and judge. She is performing an every field of life in city she is doing work in every field of life. She gets education and work for the wall fair of the country but the women who lives in the village.

 The work of Pakistani women is highly. They work with their father, brother and husband in the field. They sow seeds, spray the field, collect the cotton and harvest the crops. They graze the animals, manage the fodder for animals and milk the cows. In city she is working satisfactory in every field, preciously were considered suitable for women in the country, many new professions are now open for competition for woman as well.

She is now fifty % of the total population. NOW a days they are working in bank, office, private firms, hotels, departmental stores, hospital as well as in politics. Pakistan had its first aver woman Prime Minister in 1988 to 1990, and again in 1994 to 1996. Woman of Pakistan are now more conscious of their social and political status in twenty first century. They work for the betterment of themselves, their families, and their country

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