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Women in Pakistan are facing many problems, including early marriage, gender discrimination, malnutrition, acid attacks, lack of medical facilities, maternal mortality, domestic violence, honor killings, rape and less job opportunities. Most people have lamented on the birth of daughter.They take care of nutritional needs of son but their daughters do not get proper food due to this when these girls expect after marriage during their pregnancy they suffer from many diseases and unjust behavior of in-laws, not following the rules of hygiene, poverty, untrained gynecologists, lack of medical facilities also pose a risk to their lives.

In Pakistan women's maternal mortality rates are the highest in the world. Every year about 25 to 30 thousand women died in maternity. Due to lack of food and carelessness of husbands there are many threats for both mothers and unborn babies. Along with mothers almost 1100 babies die daily. In Pakistan those women who are successful in getting education but when they go out of the house for jobs, except education and health sector they become the victim of gender discrimination. According to the World Economic Forum, Pakistan, Chad, Yemen and Chile regarding gender discrimination are among the worst countries. Women have to face a wide range of difficulties with jobs and employment, expressed in gazing, harassing, pursuing, vulgar jokes and sexual assault that cause mental disorders and women lost their confidence.

In rural areas of Pakistan wedding of girls with Holy Quran, traditions of Vani and honor killings of women made them victim of exploitation and lives of women are in the hands of jirga and panchayat. Only in 2013, 840 and 1,000 Pakistani women and girls have been murdered this year. 344 cases of gang rap were reported in 2013.since 2013 till now the faces of ninety girls are defiled in acid attacks. Domestic violence is another problem for women. And most cases of domestic violence are not reported, cases which were reported last year the number was closer to five thousand. Since last year, 72 women are burned to death in domestic violence.

When it comes to politics and legislation cabinet then here the ratio of women member is very small. Although women play important role for economic development of society, but their role is rarely appreciated and accepted. In public and private sector special facilities may not be provided to women for their domestic duties while a large majority is compromising on their basic rights as a woman.

In Pakistan due to mistreatment of women different measures are urgently needed, including the women friends law making, they should be given equal opportunities of jobs with men. People who torture women should be strictly punished. And above all,children must be taught by their parents to respect women.



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