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hey everybody i am Rahim Ahmad Sirohey. and those of you who are not from my country Pakistan then i can tell you a thing or two to be prepared before coming to Pakistan. first of all if you are coming in the month of Ramadan then it would be a bad idea if you are going around in the morning time. the reason is that people are fasting or pretending to fast. that is that due to the practice of our Prophets we fast and also due to the fact that we experience how it is that poor people go around without no food or water so that we can also appreciate food. so if you do eat or drink make sure that you do it away from the people who are fasting.and if you are on a bus traveling and make sure to inform the bus driver so that he can make some stops other wise you will be traveling with no stops to make not even bathroom breaks because others have not eaten anything so why need a bathroom break another thing is that if you are coming from abroad i advise you to learn some parts or phrases of Urdu. the reason is that if you don't speak Urdu then the people who speak the language of the people then they tend to make fun of you thinking that you don't know a frigging thing they are saying to you. and you are just shaking your head yes to everything they are saying.but if you talk back to them they will be shocked and talk to you in a normal way. also another important thing. you may find it a bit strange but also learn the swear words also. people as they are mocking you may also swear to you. if know about it then you can.............kick the shit out them :P...the next thing that i will tell you is that when ever you go to a house of your friend or relatives in Pakistan, dont be fooled by the display of food on the food on the table. i am not saying that the food will be bad, it may be the greatest food you ever tasted but when you are eating your fill and when you are close to being full and are about to put your plate on the table all of a sudden more food comes to the table that may be the main course or it may be the desert either way you are wide eyed. so you must be prepared. and when you are serving food to Pakistanis then always ask them three times because they may not eat just like you and are just being polite in not taking that much food. you must always make it clear to them that you are full or when you want to stop. in other words let them know when you mean no. if are on vacation and dont like crowds then it would be a good idea if you go visit the monuments in the weekdays when all the people are on work because if go in the weekend the you will be greeted by a swarm people. and the most important thing you should know is that if you are sitting somewhere and the lights go out dont be afraid its just load shedding. that is to conserve energy the lights go out for an hour so this is normal for people in pakistan. hope you liked what i told you so far. let me know in the comments what i should have added or whether you want to here more from me i got a lot more things that i could tell you before coming to pakistan.....

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