Palm Reading Will Reveal Your Future

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Life Line

1. Here's what we called "The Life Line" it simply starts from the top of  your palm, between the thumb & the index finger and it goes toward the bottom edge of your palm. The length of  your palm's Life Line does not necessary represent longevity, it usually represents the strength of your life both mentally and physically.

If the palm area it encloses (from the base of the thumb to the Life Line) is larger: 
It represents a more energetic and romantic life. If it is smaller, it represents fatigue.

If the Life Line is long, deep and red:
It represents good immune system, strong vitality, and does not easily get sick .

If the line is thicker: 
The person is better with physical work such as sports. If the line is thinner, the person is better with less physical work.

If it is short and shallow:
The person tends to be have more health issues.


2. If there are iron-chain-like creases at the beginning of the line (on the edge of palm between the thumb and the index finger), it indicates illness frequently during childhood.

3. If there are breaks and has small creases near the end of the line, it indicates some health problems at old age.

4. If there are small circular creases in the middle of the line, it usually indicates some major illness or hospitalization during the lifetime - the bigger the crease, the worse the condition is and longer it lasts so be very careful with your health.


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