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Papaya Health Benefits : Medical Benefits of Papaya Papaya is one of tropical fruits which have soft texture when you spoon it to your mouth. Even Christopher Columbus had said that papaya is fruit of angel. You should know that papaya is not just tasty but it also gives many benefits to your body. There are so many Papaya Health Benefits that you should know so it will add more appetite when you see this fruit. The benefits which are provided by this fruit are various.

1. Lower Cholesterol

Since papaya is rich of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidant, it is obvious that this fruit will be the best weapon to lower cholesterol. Yes, it is true. Papaya will lessen your cholesterol if you consume it regularly. That is why this fruit can be dessert when you have high cholesterol meals.

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2. Good for Dieters

If you are in a diet program, you have to include this fruit in your diet menu. Papaya is a great menu for dieters because this fruit has very low calories if you compare it to other kinds of fruit. Besides, you will find it exciting to consume papaya because even though you consume many of it, the calories would not be swollen. That is why papaya is a must-have fruit when you are in a diet program.

3. Preventing Digestion

Papaya is also the best fruit when you have digestion problem. You might not avoid foods which cannot be digested well due to its tasty flavor that you like. Well, it will be bad for your digestion system since it will be accumulated and make your stomach hurts. That is why papaya is recommended to consume since this fruit can fix your digestion problem.

4.Low-Sugar Fruit for Diabetes

For those who suffer diabetes, papaya is also the suitable fruit to consume. There are many tasty fruits which are available but papaya is something else. This fruit has low-sugar contents. Not like other kinds of meal which has bad taste if it is low-sugar, papaya tastes sweet as honey.  Therefore, papaya should be included in diabetes menu as well.

5. Improve Eyesight

The last but not least, papaya also contains high amount of vitamin A. As we all know, vitamin A is very good for eyesight. That is why consuming papaya will also improve your eyesight. It can also help to reduce pain when you are in your period. Since there are so many benefits of this tasty fruits, you have to make sure to consume papaya regularly and get the benefits

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