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Papri Chana Chaat


Potatoes (Cubes Cutting) 2 Cups
Chick Peas (Boiled) 1 Cup
Onions (Chopped) ½ Cup
Green Chilies (Chopped) ¼ Cup
Fresh Coriander (Chopped) ½ Cup
Fresh Mint (Chopped) ¼ Cup
Salt 1 Tbsp

Yogurt Sauce 1:

Yogurt 1 Cup
Fresh Mint 1 Bunch
Green Chilies ¼ Cup
Fresh Coriander ¼ Cup
Salt 1 Tbsp
Chaat Masala (Optional) 1 Tsp

Imili Sauce 2:

Imili Pulp 2 Cups
Cumin White (Zeera) 1 Tbsp
Red Crushed Chilies 1 Tbsp
Dry Mango Powder ¼ Tsp
Red Chili Powder ½ Tsp
White Vinegar ¼ Cup
Chaat Masala Pinch
Fried Papri (Samosa Patti) As Required
Salt 1 Tbsp


Making Of Imili Sauce

First put imili in a water to clean its beans. Then in a sauce pan boil the imili with the following ingredients such as cumin white, red crushed chilies, dry mango powder, red chili powder, white vinegar, salt, chaat masala (optional) and you can also add the sugar if it tastes spicy to maintain the level. Taste it to make sure whether you require any further seasoning. It normally takes 25 to 30 minutes.

Making Of Yogurt Sauce

Take a small bowl. Add the yogurt, fresh mint, fresh coriander, green chilies and salt to taste. Mix it properly. Then grind this staff in a blender machine.

How To Prepare A Papri Chana Chaat Tray

Boil the chick peas and potatoes. Take a big dish in order to add imili sauce, boiled potatoes and chick peas, fresh coriander, onions, fresh mint and salt to taste. After all this pour down the yogurt sauce and stir them. Add some chaat masala if needed after the seasoning. Sprinkle some fired papri over it in a crushed form.

Prep Time: 30 To 40 Minutes
Serve Cold.




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