Parents Child Relationship

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Parents Child Relationship

The world is on the path of rapid growth. Everyone is busy in their work. They do not have time for anyone. Parents do not have time for their children. They don’t even care what their children are doing.  

According to psychologist raising a child is not an hard task to do . Raising a child as an human being is a hard task to do .

Parents should not be so careless. A child needs a parent's love. Children's future is in the hands of their parents. The child learns from their parents acts. If the parents are well mannered and take great care of their child, then that child will be well mannered too. Good parents teach their children not to hurt the feelings of others, respect elders, love younger.  They ask their children to work hard for the progress of country not to do the evil deeds which may lead to the failure.

If parents encourage their children in doing the right things, the children do it with great interest and enthusiasm. But if parents are unable to guide their children to differ between right and wrong, then that child must be misguided and can be the criminal or a thief. So parents should guide their children to differ between right and wrong & parents should not do such deeds which leaves bad impact on their children.


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