Parents of children in the United States opened the safe throws treasure!

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An American family activities based on your child's name Maya hulyan videos posted on YouTube, which have gained the attention of millions of people watched the parents taking full advantage of this opportunity to the channel ads on various toy companies have started and soon started advertising on the channel advisable auryun it became common uydyuzualdyn source of earnings. 
Video posted woman and mother say that most of these videos, you will see the children playing with a train that includes a picnic etc. Activities and every video before the ad runs toys from which they have benefited $ 10 million in 2014 and hopes that next year he will be able to earn even more. 
The woman's husband and the father of the children's activities, because they were able to do their job full time job, but he left the activities of all the kids and put them in making videos. 

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