Part 2: How to make better look?

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How to make better look?


 Part 2:





People wants to wear unique dresses and try to look different.










But choosing  dress and its style , colors , is a problem , Is it suits to your personality,

or not .

Sometime people do not notice their body shape and wear all types of dresses , that is wrong .








Don't copy anyone, such as Bollywood stars copy Hollywood stars ,

and lolly wood stars copy both, and neglects their own personality.




















Here are some tips. Which are very important for choosing new dresses.






*Before buying a cloth you must know is it according to the weather or not.

*People should choose dress color according to their skin colour. Clours always give good combination in contras.














*If your skin colour is dark then choose light colours dresses. It gives you inspiring and attractive








*If your skin colour is light , then choose dark colours it will enhance your personality.






* wear dress according to your figure , if you are fatty and wearing tight

dress it cause itching, red spots on your skin.






*In summer weal light colours , and in winter wear dark colours.




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