Participate in the video making contest for Querlo and earn Buzz Bonus rewards!

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No inspiration for blogging?

Want to take a break from blogging and still earn buzz bonuses?

Here is your chance!

Video making contest for Querlo, A chatbot with a human touch

We are conducting a video making contest for Querlo, and everyone can participate by submitting the video to our editorial team. The following are the requirements for the contest:

(1) The submitted video must be about Querlo. Such as explain what is Querlo, how to use Querlo, why choose Querlo etc.. (You may read here for inspiration:

(2) This specific Querlo logo must be included in the video. (You can find the image on Querlo's LinkedIn page)


(3) The submitted video must be original and of good quality.

(4) The length should be between 2 and 5 minutes.

(5) The relevant tags, description and thumbnail image must be included.

(6) Only English submissions will be accepted.

(7) Only 1 submission per user will be accepted.

Contest Dates

The contest starts today and ends on April 10, 2017. To participate, please submit your video before April 11, 2017. The results and the rewards will be announced on April 14, 2017.

Contest Awards

The top 3 winners will be rewarded handsomely! You might wonder, what if your video is not in the Top 3? Do you still get rewarded? Yes! We want to thank all the participants, all the submitted videos which adhere to the requirements and are accepted by our team will also be rewarded!

Gold Award:   20 Buzz Bonus for 10 Days

Silver Award:   15 Buzz Bonus for 10 Days

Bronze Award:  10 Buzz Bonus for 10 Days 

Participation Award:  5 Buzz Bonus for 3 Days


The Winners

Finally, April 14th, 2017 has arrived and we have our winners for the contest! Please see below the winners and their amazing videos for Querlo!

Gold Award:   Katsanslimites



Silver Award:   Jean-beltran



Bronze Award: jazib-ali



All the other participants whose videos are accepted by our team are rewarded with "Participation Award".


Please note,  the extra rewards for the top 3 winners will start counting from tomorrow.



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