Participation of women in a society

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At first we have to explain the developing for women improvement.

Improvement for Afghan women what mean?

The first and biggest question is this once; improvement forAfghan women is achievement of her first rights the first rights are.

One: achievement rights for education.

Second: getting rights of freedom for getting married.

Third: understand and get information about their civil rights.

Now if any organization wants to help about women rights must proceed for doing important steps.

If you have to inform the women from their general rights, you have to give them information of their rights.

If the women understand their rights would help them to communicate in a society more useful. If you make the women aware of their rights actually you do the biggest help for them. The women make half the society in each country and they have right that always be partner and can work beside the men.

Our country past the worst situation in 20 years ago like the time Taliban the women never let to participate in the society and never did not have to say about their rights, if they said anything or protest  about their rights they will became punish.

And also by coming the government in the last 10 years, many changes have been made, and now they have many rights like the men like rights of education, working and fortunately always they can participate in each part of society.


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Somaya Ahmadi is from Herat Afghanistan. Somaya Ahmadi is graduated from Litrature faculty of Herat University . Somaya Ahmadi was also graduated from Hatifi High school in 2008. She has interested to playing soccer.

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