Partnership of China-Africa

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         In the past ten years,the remarkable growth of China in sustainable  economical growth has been moved to the top level which is analyzed by  the economic council affairs of the world.China,depending upon the external and internal factors,has made a unique way of economical partnership through out the world countries particularly with the third world countries.If we see the general relationships of China and Africa forum,China has been invested billions of dollars in different sectors of these African countries in Construction,industry,health and social care developments.Also,China has been signed new and up to date contracts with African countries in trade exchange rates implementation,formulation and interrelated economical partnerships.

         The people's republic of China is now placed on the first lines of the most developed countries in terms of economical strength than any other times.The internal industrialization of China is now becomes more than the expected percent and each Chinese citizen will earn thousands of dollars per year.Either in internal or external activities,China is now one of the most powerful country in the world only following the US in these developing frequency.If this growth is continued in this level,the next world will most probably be for the Chinese people.


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