Past Continuous Tense...

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Past Continuous Tense...

Past continuous tense express the actions that are happened in the past in a particular time.





Positive Sentences...




Subject  + helping verb +  first form of verb with "ing"  +  object.


In Past continuous tense we use two helping verb.

  • Was
  • Were

If subject will be singular we will use "was" and in case of plural subject we will use "were".

 "Were" will also use with "you".

For example...


  • Sara was going to school.

In this sentence Sara is a singular subject so we used "was".

  • Children were crying.

Here Children is plural subject so we used "were".




Negative Sentences...


In negative sentences we use "not" after helping verb ( "was" and "were")..




Subject  + helping verb + not +  first form of verb with "ing"  +  object.


For example...


  • Sara was not going to school.

In this sentence "not" is used after "was" to make the sentence negative.

  • Children were not crying.

In this sentence "not" is used after "were" to make the sentence negative.




Interrogative Sentences...


In interrogative sentences we use helping verb ( "was" and "were") at the start of sentence and question mark (?) at the end.



Helping verb + Subject  +  first form of verb with "ing"  +  object.



For example...


  • Was Sara  going to school?

In this sentence "was" is used at the start of sentence to make it interrogative.

  • Were children crying?

In this sentence "were" is used at the start of sentence to make it interrogative.



 Some more examples...


  • We were carrying woods.

         We were not carrying woods.

          Were we carrying woods?


  • Sara and Ali were playing with dolls.

          Sara and Ali were not playing with dolls.

          Were Sara and Ali  playing with dolls?


  • I were sitting in the park.

          I were not sitting in the park.

          Were I sitting in the park?


  • He was buying some books.

         He was not buying some books.

         Was he buying some books?



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