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                                             “PATIENCE IS NOT THE ABILITY TO WAIT


                                                                                       TO KEEP A GOOD ATITUDE WHILE WAITING”

Patience is actually the self-control   - A strong and firm control on the insidious desires arising in the heart of the man and waiting for the accurate time… Patience.

This waiting time must retain the high morality of humanity.


             Patience is one of the greatest virtues, a virtue whose reward lies in waiting with righteousness.  




          Juddaism , Buddhism , Christanity,  Hinduism and especially our islam  stresses  on the lesson of patience and  being patient in every situation.

It is said  that;

                           “  Patience in god will aid believers in finding the strength to be delivered from the evils that inherit in physical life”  

                       Patience with steadfast belief in Allah Almighty is called  Sabr, which is a key to open the doors between Allah and his creatures. Allah has made Syam obligatory for every Muslim just to make him patient.

        “  There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue hast;  There are no honours too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience”

Patience is the ability to endure provocations without being annoyed.


A farmer chooses good quality seeds and sows them in his farm…waters daily for good growth of the seeds, works hard day and night without taking care of his own health just for  the fruitful crop .The whole year he waits patiently for  the golden farm.

And  then at the end of the year  his wishes comes true and his untiring efforts  bear  fruits. The moment of harvesting the golden farm is the happiest moment of a farmer’s life.

             Same is the case with human life. Our life is just like a farm, each and every person is a farmer. Our deeds are like the seeds. Man is free to choose the quality of seed. He is given 2 choices either to choose seeds of best quality or the worst one.

Good quality seeds are referred to good deeds and the worst one with ill-deeds. Watering the good quality seeds leads to the growth of strong and the best crop that is doing good and waiting determinately with the good deeds is actually the patience.   


            Man has been taught the lesson of being patient for several times since his arrival on earth. The very first commandment given to man but the God Almighty was on the patience. What so ever religion he belongs to, he is taught the lesson of being patient in each and every aspect of his life.   

Patience, my Lord!why,”tis the soul of peace

Of all virtues tis nearest kin to heaven

It makes men look like god; the best of men

That e’er wore earth about his was a sufferer,

A soft,meek,patient,humble,tranquile spirit,

The first true gentleman that ever breath’d.

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