Patriotism ( Last part )

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We all should love our country and the people . Patriotism should be created among the children right from the beginning .

of their life. Our text books should highlight the virtue of patriotism. The children should be made to learn the life history of the great patriotic leaders. The national leaders should set examples of patriotism themselves. The elder among us should always try to think of the greater interest of the nation. 

A patriotic man is a far better human being than an unpatriotic man . An unpatriotic man can do nothing for the well being of the country. An unpatriotic man dies in dishonour . After his death , no one remembers him . Such an evil minded man is lost from the memory forever . Whereas a patriotic man lives forever in the core of million hearts. So patriotism immortalizes us , glorifies us , ennobles us and above all elevates us to the level of the eternity. 

Patriotism should be inculcated in every human soul . Patriotic leaders should be encouraged . An unpatriotic man should be ignored and hated . The young should generation should be encouraged to practice patriotism right from childhood . We need a patriotic young generation for the progress of the nation as well as the country . 

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