Patriotism (Part-3)

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During the National crisis, Patriotism is put to the most crucial test . A true patriot is even ready to sacrifice his life

for the national interest to save freedom of the nation. The patriotic freedom fighters are the best sons of the soil who made ultimate sacrices during the liberation period of 1971 . 


The benefits of  patriotism are many. National sovereignity and freedom are safeguarded by the patriotic sons of the

soil. No enemy can harm the interest of a patriotic nation. The patriotic nation survives in the world raising their heads above. We get this lesson from all the great nations of the world. Patriotism inspires us to work for the betterment and development of the nation. The patriotism is always an inspiration.The patriotic leaders are the best motivators.The great leaders were great because they had patriotic feelings.

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