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Patriotism has existed in all ages and people. Proof of patriotism can be found in the art, literature, and music of many countries. Many artistic masterpieces glorify a country’s, historical events, personalites and natural beauty.

Uncountable literary works praise love of country readiness to sufer even death in defense of a country’s freedom and good name.

Patriotism is very useful in the interest of country and the nation. So, patriotism makes the people love and think of their country.

A patriot always keeps a proper image of his country before the world. A patriot will never do any thing to lower his country in the eyes of others. He will try to bring the best image of his country when he comes into contact with people of other lands.A true patriot loves his country and is ready to serve andc it. Patriotism is a virtue which can be expressed in different way.

It must be patriotism which sees the freedom of the smallest minorities as the part of social development. Patriotism must come in to action every day against corrupt people, exploitation, cheating on tax, paying bribes and crushing the poor. This will develop sense of security and trust among the public.

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