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Patriotism mean love for the motherland or devotion to one's country.The word patriotism comes from the latin word ''Patriota'' Which means countryman.

patriotism gives people the strength and courage to safeguard the interest of the country and nation.

for a patriot the sovereignty, integrity and honour of the country are supreme values on which no compromise can be made.

Patriot render sacrifice for the preservation and protection of these values.






Jinnah and Iqbal were nation builder and great patriot. They wanted to protect the values,culture,and tradition of the Muslims of subcontinent.

Jinnah said:

''We must develop a sense of patriotism  which galvanized us all into united and nation''

The spirit of patriotism makes us stay alert in the wake of foreign invasion.In the  history of Pakistan there are many instances when people laid their lives for the Defence of the country . In the war of 1965, 1971 kargil war.many brave soldiers gave their lives in an attempt to protect the beloved homeland and embraced shahadat.

These great patriot men we salute them.


                ''Pakistan Zindabad''

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