Payback - Day 2 shooting details

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In previous blog I have told you about how we successfully accomplished our1st day's of shoot. Now today I will tell you details about our Day 2 shoot of short film Payback.

Day 2 :

Day 1 was shot on a Saturday and we planned for Day 2 the exact next day that is Sunday.

Day 2's shoot involved :

"Kamalika" - the female lead character.

"Ankur" - the make lead character. (the same person who was in Day1)



Day 2 shoot was primarily divided into 2 locations.

1st location was at a Cafe shop and 2nd was at "Prinsep Ghat" (the shoot was planned on a boat in Ganges river).

Cafe Shop in picture below :

The shot which was planned in cafe shop, consists of mainly dialog scenes and it was a break up scene. Now as I was showing Ankur as a high profile corporate executive so I wanted the shot to look as expensive as possible. So I selected a cafe shop which is opened recently and is thus well maintained.

We planned to start the shoot at around 9:30 AM but Kamalika made it 10:30 AM, a delay by one hour. I wanted the female lead to be in saree that day and that made her took more time than usual.

As we entered the cafe, the cafe staffs greeted us and helped us to arrange things that we required for the shoot, as it was our friend's cafe so naturally you understand the level of hospitality was more than usual.

I made Ankur and Kamalika understand the scene and details about the dialogue delivery, by 11:30 AM we were ready for our 1st shot of the day. The next 2 hours went smoothly. By 2:00 PM we were done with our shots in cafe.

Now it was time for lunch. We thanked all the staffs there, had some lunch outside in a restaurant and proceeded to our next location.

The next location was at Prinsep ghat as I told before the shot was planned on a boat in "Ganges" river.

We reached the location by 4:00 PM but my plan was to take the scene at evening just before the sunset so we had to wait for another one to one and a half hour, but the time was very crucial because if we we make it little early then too much sun flares will hamper our shot on other hand if we make a little late then we will face lighting issues. So I was little tensed calculating everything.

At around 5:15 PM , I requested the team to get ready for the shot, I hired a boat and me, our cinematographer "Somsubhra", Ankur and Kamalika was on the boat. It was little risky as the boat was small and there were 5 persons on board, a little hasty movement would topple the boat but as we had to take shots from different angles so we got to move. Somehow we managed and we got some beautiful shots. Thanks to our cinematographer.

By 6:15 we were back to shore. We captured some time lapse just when the sunset was happening.

Next 1 hour we were examining the shots we have taken and we were all happy with the result.


 **Details of Day 3,4,5 will be published shortly.

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