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From PayBux CEO Jun Bengco

Since the launch of PayBux in Google Play Store last March 22, 2014, there are now 57,000 users enjoying the rewards that the App presently offers. We are still waiting for the FULL implementation of the remaining rewards features happening before the last quarter of 2014.

Below are the list of items that will complete the ingenious PayBux rewards experience:
1. Release of Icon Welcome/Upgrade Kit with PayBux Icon Card
2. Release of PayBux Card for User, Builder and Mentor
3. Launch of Dream Board (In-app Option)
4. Launch of Calc (Rewards Calculator - In-app Option)
5. Launch of PayBux Card Reader/Writer (PayBux Smart Dongle)
6. Launch of MobVoucher (it is the most advanced Electronic Mobile Voucher - NEW!)
7. Completion and release of PayBux POS (for Partner Merchants)
8. Launch of other merchants that will use PayBux POS (Shopwise, Yoshinoya, SouthStar Drug, Andoks, Figaro Coffee, Robinson's Movie World, and MANY MORE!)
9. Launch of PayBux WIN (PayBux In-App Games)
10. Launch of Online Facility for Trading Bux (selling your BUX in exchange for bank credit or check via Universal Community Rewards Management Inc. -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingenious)
11. Online Purchase of BUX using PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Account (Bancnet or Megalink)
12. Completion and launch of PayBux Micro Site (with Video FAQs)

And here is the list of what we are managing to accomplish to improve the current customer experience of PayBux:
1. Rollback of withheld value when converting PHP rewards to BUX.
2. Resolution of outstanding concerns last July 31 (80% resolved)
3. Quick resolution of outstanding user concerns

For your comments and suggestions, email us at Thank you for all your support!


I can't wait! :D


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