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Signup Method, Types of Account

               Payza is an online internet payment account, There are many online internet  accounts at this time. Payza is a popular all over the world at this time. Payza get and paid in all over the world. Payza is a secure and simple global online payment processor. Payza works more than 190 countries, which is the proof of a global account. Other online accounts are limited and for selected  countries. But Payza's account is available for everyone in the world.

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"History of Payza":-

                        I have read somewhere Payza previously known as "Alert Pay"  which was founded in about 2004 and after 8 years of success they changed their name AlertPay to Payza about in 2012, and still same name.

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           All PTC sites accept Payza account, If a  PTC  site has no Payza account that it seems like as Tea without sugar. Every top PTC site has Payza Account. Here in BitLanders there are two types account 1st Paypal and 2nd Bitcoin. But interesting thing for those if who has some difficulty for cashout their funds from mentioned account now you can easily your Bitcoins convert in USD$ in your Payza's Wallet.

                   It is very easy fund transfer and also receiving money without any charges it means Payza to Payza sending payment is absolutely free and there is no any transation fees.  Payza is very useful for us because Paypal & Neteller  are not officially working here in "Pakistan". Payza has also debit and credit card for their customers which cards based on Visa.


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 "Signup Method":-

                     Payza is the name of trust. For making new account or Signup  method is very simple Your e-mail ID will be your Account. Simply write in new tab or CLICK HERE FOR SIGNUP  just click on  Menu option and then click on signup and select your country and choose your Account.

"Types of Accounts"

                   .There are three types of Payza account.1 Personal Starter, 2 Personal Pro, 3 Business Account.

1 Personal Starter:-

                   This account for those who send and receive money from Various of PTC sites, Captcha work, from freinds or other payments. Which is absolute free get or receive  payment  and not any  transactions fee.  But Personal Starter accounts limit as about under 400$ in a month.

2 Personal Pro:-

                    In This type of account adding some extra feature like no limit of receiving cash. But here transaction fees are applying about 2.5% fees on per transaction. If your receiving limit above from 400$ in a month then you can choose Personal Pro account.

3 Business Account:-

                 In this account every facility is available which needs of any business man. In this type of account has also transaction fees which is 2.5%. A business man can choose this type of account.

                 Choose any account which you want to make and after fill the boxes with your accurate Bio data, with your e-mail address. After complete registration, confirmation mail will be sent on your given e-mail address. And also will notify you for your every transaction receiving and sending through your given e-mail. Please remember  code which you have enter for cash out funds. After complete process notify one thing make your account more secure  because at this stage your account is un-verified now login and click on verified and for verification you need your NIC ID and also any your utility bill like GAS, Electric, or any Bank Statement in which shown your name and address clearly. After verification your account will be more secure. For signup and verified account watch this video which helps you a lot.

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                You can use your Payza account with Various types of PTC sites for receiving and adding funds. I have Transfer my Bitcoins into my Payza account and invest in a PTC site. I think Payza is reliable payment processor like Bitcoin.

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                  This blog is purely written by me which I have knowledge about Payza.  I request to all please Don't copy paste my work.

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