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Peace is a source of comfort, freedom, Education, unity, rights, success and following the rights. All human beings and animals need peace. With peace in a society people can gain their goals and become successful but without peace people will be uneducated, illiterate and they won’t be able to recognize variance between good and bad. The people living in mentioned situation are like blinds cause they are alliterated and they don’t know the ups and downs of life, so they can’t understand the worth of life.

If a country is divided the people in the society are hopeless and unhappy. The bottom line of all those things is that peace in a community is the most valuable thing. Each society should work hard to bring peace in their community and to rescue them from misery. Cause of bringing peace even if the people lose their wealth and health they shouldn’t worry and try their best.

Peace doesn’t has anything else than love

Like a bird doesn’t have any other friend than flower


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My name is yonous jami and i was born in herat province.

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