Peer to Peer Universal Educational Software, an Opportunity for Grants and Financial Aids From Developed Countries

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The Examer Educational Software is a universal communication tool between students, teachers and professionals.

We started in Herat, Afghanistan, with a target of 40 schools and 160,000 high school and primary school students. The broader target is to expand the Examer to the rest of Afghanistan, Central-South Asia and any other country where this software can be used. We can define the Examer Educational Software as a peer to peer universal communication tool that allows students from anywhere in the world to connect and start learning and passing tests. Today, we have 6 schools connected and one R&D center, with a total of 30,000 students browsing the World Wide Web.

The Examer Educational Software hosts curriculums designed and developed with companies, professionals and thought leaders. The companies monitor the best performers, reward them with immediate micro-scholarships and hire them once they graduate from their schools. Film Annex has developed the Social Media Curriculum with the intention to train and hire writers, bloggers, social media experts and filmmakers. This same concept will be applied to other corporate partners and clients so that each company can educate, train and hire the students as soon as they are able to enter the work force.

The Examer Educational Software is also the platform for international Government and Non Government Organizations to invest in education and economy on a large scale, with grants and financial aids. The grants can focus on the training or education, on the equipment and tools, or on the micro-scholarship reward system. In any case, they will be invested and able to monitor students and workers' performances.

The Peer to Peer education system allows students, teachers and professionals from all over the world to interact, educate and support each other by opening an endless number of opportunities all over the world. For example, Afghan students will develop businesses in Uzbekistan, Russia or the United Emirates with the support of American and European students and professionals. Developed countries have access to funding. Developing countries have access to new market opportunities and growth. International grants and financial aids will be well invested. The results will be monitored and supervised. The return on investment is staggering.

Professional Social Media gives us the tools to monitor the growth and development of demographics, business ideas and penetration on market places, by focusing on very niche projects, linguistic and cultural differences, and by optimizing revenues and Return On Investment (ROI). Just like Jeremy Rifkin mentioned in his book “The European Dream”, Europe is not composed by 17 countries but by 260 regions. Today, with the Examer Educational Software, the world is not composed by 196 countries but by 7 billion people, of which 1 billion can browse the World Wide Web, get educated and interact for the development of new business ideas and projects.


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