Penguins a wonderfull birds

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Today I have selected the different topic about discussed because I have wrote many blogs in film annex but now I will be discussed about birds.

Penguins are wonderful birds. Penguins are not like other birds. Other birds fly while penguins do not. They are great swimmers. Penguins are in different colors and sizes. There are seventeen species of penguins. Each species of penguins is different from others in look, behavior and habit.

      The mother penguins lay large egg. She places it on the top of the feet, So that it won’t free. Then she very carefully passes on the egg to the father. The father takes responsibility to keep the egg safe and warm. For the next two month of the male penguins handle eggs on their feet.

      Penguins has a layer of fat under their skin , Which help them to keep warm and serves as source of energy when there is nothing to eat. At last sixty days after they were laid, the eggs hatch. Their parents feed them. The parents go to fishing and bring them something to eat.

      They eat various types of fish. Young penguins depend upon on their parents food. They have to provide them something to eat. Penguin’s chicks must be fed every 30 minutes.

      Penguins are always fun to be human because they put a smile on their face. They are very interesting and wonderful.


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