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                                                 Rashid Siddique

Democracy can be a title of progressive, peace, justice, not just a title of one's nevertheless it carries the very best responsibilities, too as with a genuine democracy fake degree holders not need more energy and corrupt wealthy than competent, honest common people. Democratic government is essentially a constitutional government, metabolism describes the rights and duties, and offer of institution is Quran Pak, participatory system, not just a title of self interested corrupt group. In true democratic system the leadership as well as the holders of authority report on their behavior to individuals. As everyone accountable to Allah and also the driven guidance. Just like a famous quote, It product is kind of a river taking many curves, but eventually the forest will attain the ocean. We have to consider this that in true “Democratic System” costs nothing from tyranny, poverty, corruption, illiteracy and injustice.

Now we turn the Quaid-e-Azam’s saying, “Democracy is within the blood stream of Muslims, who look upon complete equality of manhood trust fraternity, equality and liberty.

Quaid-e-Azam mentioned, Corruption can be a cure among Muslims, specially the so-referred to as educated and intelligentsia. Sadly, it's mainly the category that's selfish and morally and intellectually corrupt. Undoubtedly this condition is normal, but among kind of Muslims it's rampant.

The time is right we have to stay with the teaching of islam and stay with the old saying of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ‘said about perils of provincialism sectionalism, we are Bengalis, or Sindhis or Pathans or Punjabis, No we are Muslims. I have you certainly get ride this provincialism, because when extended when you let it remain in the body politics of Pakistan, believe me you'll not be a effective nation, and you will never be capable of achieve what If perhaps we are in a position to achieve.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah mentioned, Bear in mind the scrupulous maintenance and enforcement of law and order will be the prerequisities of progress. The tenets of Islam enjoin on every Muslim to safeguard his neighbours also to the unprivileged regardless of cast and creed.

Lately every political party claim they can go to a fruits of democracy. Everybody knows the need for democracy. This informative article tries to show the facial skin of present democratic government. Every government has enjoy common public support due to its anti-corruption campaign. Corruption remains most likely probably the most influential symbol of deprived governance in Pakistan for just about any very very long time. Corruption charges against present government of Leader Asif Ali Zardari and Pm Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani voiced even even louder. Sectarian violence was rampant. No Pakistani felt safe and felt relieved. Everyone expectation progressively more is the government will not punish corrupt people but most likely generate a mechanism to daunt the all pervading corruption which has been the hallmark of public existence. In present setup every corrupt / dishonest / characterless / crooked/ want immunity inside the title of democratic system and so they all save each other and needs leave a effective one, and like the past nations to punish an insufficient person.

The most effective leaders of major political parties children/ family live abroad like royal family. Their existence style london and Dubai is surprisingly in comparison to the prince from the oil wealthy Sheikhen. Nobody dare request them individuals associated with a collected such enormous wealth and the way they may afford such large estates together with an enormous encourage on foreign soil where they never labored for just about any day. They convene party conferences london and Dubai to talk about democracy. One miracles the conferences aren't held in their own personal country and kept in Dubai.

It's unlikely the current government substantially revise the domestic prices of oil products rapidly. Domestic prices especially of food and fuel critical in determining cost inflation. Prices of food grains, wheat, pulses and edible oil have risen significantly. Food, oil and electricity inflation has broken all records and coupled with unemployment has introduced to have an alarming rise in the quantity of people dwelling in absolute poverty. Democratic government serves individuals. They grow their quality of existence they safeguard, nor kill them. Neither central government nor the provincial government inspires any hope inside the common guy. They incorporate a vengeance. The general people stand disheartened it introduced them neither relief nor hope permanently change. Running with the sides in the government’s role in development might be the require to acquire better the performance.

Pakistan remains lucky to get a great pressure but throughout yesteryear numerous years its performance has worsen. Government performances have not successful to offer the expected results because of administrative constraints mess. Corrupt authorities, weedy financial management and control seriously deflation their concert in addition to their part to development. Politically they shown by personal group and ethnic factors also reason behind instability in Pakistan. These corrupt elements / government servants responsible for the possible lack of numerous development marketing institutions within the u . s . states. This pattern of presidency and inter-personal earnings distribution, the priority while using social and economic problems introduced to social and political unrest.

According to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah “Educational policy to build up character, integrity, recognition and repair for the nation. The bottom line is we have to get the level of smoothness within our future generation meaning finest sense of recognition, integrity, non selfish intend to the nation, and sense of responsibility, so we must observe that they are correctly accredited or fitted to see operator inside the various branches of financial existence in the manner which can do recognition to Pakistan.’

Like the politically the success and efficiency in the educational system may also be inadequate. Our leaders destroy the youth. Don’t enjoy not able to youth. Unfair, incorrect solutions are another gift from the democratic government for the students. Punjab government badly doesn't show correct/ right recommendations/ most current listings for youth. A lot more the title of democracy fake degree holders incapable easily can get ministry/ key positioning, without getting any hard ship, why and the way they could make good / correct/ recommendations inside the interest of Pakistani nation. The us government needs is certainly a built-in strategy, which recognizing the key requirement for improving the success and courage of designed and recommendations inside the social industries, focuses attention on fundamental services within the education sector, and addresses both economy wide recommendations within the sectoral level.

Safety and security of every single human existence is considered the most fundamental duties from the government. Protection of lives and human rights is central to great governance.

The bottom line is,

Unke wadon se jo aa jaatee hai awam jalson mein

Who samajhte hain ke not ka har kaam achcha hai.

Who samajhte hain ke awam ka haal achcha hai.

We have to consider this that political together with other conditions can not be settled with the cult in the knife. These complaints and versions easily resolve with fair accountability and justice. Versions between political parties are natural factor nevertheless the among them cannot resolve by attacks on Party leaders. The bold and courageous stand of common people may affect the future length of Pakistan’s political system. Nonetheless they want true platform and true leadership, who direct the Pakistani nation in positive direction.

Let us many of us give a warning for the corrupt, selfish, capitalists, property owners stop exploitation of honest common guy really they have forgotten the lesson of past nations. Many of us should loving kindness to mankind, and promote welfare day and evening for his or her nation. Let us struggle for equality, freedom, integrity and justice for every one.

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